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Don Eilers North Vancouver Real Estate Market Updates Newsletter for March 2012

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I've just completed my newsletter to update you on North Vancouver's real estate market for March 2012.  

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Don Eilers North Vancouver Real Estate Market Update for March 2012

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The amount of activity between buyers and sellers has been in closer alignment for the first part of the year helping bring greater balance to most areas of North Vancouver. February sales throughout Greater Vancouver were its third lowest since 2002 (151 sales below its 10 year average).  We had 103 sales in February, down from 111 last year; however, we are up three sales for the whole year!

As far as price increases go, in detached homes we are up 11.5% over the past year.  Townhomes are up 6.4% and condos are up 2.7% which is great based on the amount of new projects on the go throughout North Vancouver.  With by far the majority of the buying in West Vancouver being from Mainland China, I feel we will continue to see people who are downsizing looking for places in Central Lonsdale as a great alternative.

As always, it remains an exciting time in the real estate market here on the North Shore.  If you’d like more details, or have questions or comments, please contact me directly at 604-889-9449 or